Classic 4th of July


Welcoming to Staying Anchored! I’ve decided to give blogging a second chance. My first attempt failed miserable because I was still recovering from pregnant brain and being a new Mom. I’ve grown up in a beach community and feel drawn to all things nautical. I hope this blog provides fun ideas, projects, and a glimpse inside my sandy, sometimes salty, but always sunny  life.

I decided my first post should be a personal post since I’ve been out of the game for some time. So here goes:

Alex, my husband of a couple of weeks, and I have committed to making fun new commitments. Alex decided to commit to practicing more on his new guitar (which he kinda had too because it was his wedding gift), bettering his golf game, and fixing up the house. I’ve decided to commit to blogging (ta-da), starting a book club with my friends, and regularly attending hot yoga. Oh ya, and we can’t forget about Keller’s commitments: practicing putting together 2 words (so far he has mastered “No Mommy!”), reading at least one book every night, and bettering his pool etiquette (no splashing, running, drinking pool water). As a family we are working on budgeting, eating healthy (keeping food journals), and doing more things together (zoo, nightly loop walks, beach).

Keller at the Beach

We decided to celebrate 4th of July the old classic way… beach, PB&J sandwiches, nap, cookout, and Netflix. Keller was completely wild at the beach! We set up our camp at the North End to avoid high traffic and tourist (probably the best decision we made all day). Alex and I tag-teamed chasing Keller and throwing him into waves. For those of you who don’t know my kid, he is fast and not afraid of water! We made the horrible mistake of bringing snack foods that require hands. Needless to say, Keller dropped his PB&J to make a legit SANDwich. He used his dried fruit snacks as windows in his sand castle, and buried his water cup. Nap time approached so we cleaned up and went home. Keller slept for over two hours which is pretty good for him! Once everyone was awake and refreshed, we decided to go to a friends cookout where we unexpectedly ran into other friends. Keller played nicely with another baby named Asher (a name I love) and chased around four wiener dogs. We ended our night by listening to our drunk neighbor attempt to set off his illegal fireworks and watched Despicable Me (for the 100th time).

Overall a successful day with zero toddler meltdowns.

– Kristen

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