Ikea Hack: Bookcase

Like so many others, I’ve become completely sucked into the “Pinterest machine.”

So one night while I was pinning nail art, that I will never do, I scrolled across a cool bright yellow bookcase. I clicked the picture and was taken to an Ikea hacking blog.  Since the government is stupid and my husband is on a furlough, his Mondays “off” have turned into “Monday House Projects and Any Other Crafty Things Kristen Can Think Of But Needs Help Day,” allowing us to complete our version of the VITTSJO hack.


Go to your local Ikea and purchase the VITTSJO bookshelf ($70). It’s an easy assemble: a couple black metal pieces, 3 glass panes, and screws! Put the frame together and save the glass (we’ll need it later).

Next buy whatever color spray paint you want. We picked a white semi-gloss because we knew the color would pop off our walls.


This step is VERY important… find your local handyman and ask him to remove his shirt and get started! My first attempt at spraying the bookcase didn’t go well because I suck at spray painting. So Alex sanded out all the drip marks and fixed to. Love that man.


While the frame was drying we ran to Home Depot to buy the wood. If you bring the glass pieces that came with the bookcase, the hardware store can use them as a template. I don’t exactly remember the dimensions of the wood but the process was simple!


Place the bookcase where you want it, insert the wood planks, and ta-da! You now have an awesome new bookcase that is way cuter and sturdier than before.


Now the fun part… decorating with “knickknacks” as Alex calls it.

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