A Letter to Keller

Dear Keller,969774_549242628086_261107363_n

Today you turn two and I still can’t believe how much you have changed this world in two short years. Since your last birthday you have experienced many new things and have grown and changed too fast for Mommy’s liking. This year you had your first hair cut, started talking, and became a paci-free boy. Without your paci, everyone can clearly hear your favorite sayings: “One more time” and “I did it!”

You love going to the beach and playing in the sand. You are not afraid of the ocean, which terrifies your Mom and excites your Dad. Your favorite thing to do at the beach is  jump over the waves and dig for sand fiddler crabs.

556989_552365604616_1011296976_nThis summer you had the hard job of being the ring bearer and although you were more interested in picking your nose and dancing with your cousin Paisleigh, you did great! We can’t wait to look back at the pictures and tell you stories of you dancing to your requested Jungle Book song and taking bites of everyone’s wedding cake.

The best part of my day is when I arrive at daycare and you come running screaming “MOMMMY!” You are filled with energy and love. People may find it exhausting and may not understand why we jump down the aisles of Target instead of walk, but that’s just the Keller way. 1003214_554564248516_2025906793_n I love how crazy you are and I hope you always stay crazy because you’re my crazy!

I could go on much longer about all the amazing things you do, but you just walked into the room carrying the milk jug requesting “choc milk” so it’s back to the busy world of being your Mommy.

Happy Birthday Buggy Boy!

Love always and forever.


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