Bye Bye Winter

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Shot By: Alex Moring

Dress:  Forever 21 / Sweater: H&M

Can we just bypass the rainy days, pale legs, and pastels? Spring can be tortuous, sunny gorgeous work days and rainy weekends. I’m trying to be more opened minded and look at it from a new perspective: at least it is not snowing.

I noticed this run down Farmers Market near my house and fell in love with the idea of shaking off the winter stigma and welcoming the warmth. With a closet in transition (to early to put away the booties?) I decided to throw on an easy outfit and force my husband to snap a couple pictures. The best part of spring, summer is right around the corner!

– Kristen


    1. It’s a great sweater and honestly I bought it with the intention of wearing it to a Christmas party. I almost put it in my Goodwill pile during my last closet clean and I’m glad I didn’t! I’ll definitely check out your blog, thanks again for the kind words.

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