Toddler Talk

Keller is 2 years-old and you don’t have to be a parent to know that toddlers are pretty ridiculous humans. Last night Alex and I were discussing all the weird things we said this weekend to our little monster:

1. “Please don’t sit on Mommies head.” I have to say this almost everyday. There is no such thing as personal space.

2. “Go downstairs and tell Daddy you found a bear in the closet.” (this is how I make time to straighten my hair)

3. “This is your last shot of milk.” Eating dinner at a house with no sippy cups, a shot glass is always a great way to insure minimal spillage.

4. “Thank you for the dead worm.” Trying to eat breakfast outside and Keller walks over and gives me a surprise.

5. “Do not paint Daddies nipple” Keller loves painting, so for Easter he got a bathtub paint set. This weekend Alex was giving Keller a bath without a shirt on and my child thought his daddy needed some color.

I’m happy my baby has a ton of personality, makes for great memories and one-liners.


– Kristen

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