Vintage Toggle Top

Wearing vintage clothing can be scary. I have just recently starting embracing it and mixing it into my wardrobe and I love the unique/one-of-a-kind vibe it gives off. This toggle top was given to me by my dear friend Christina (the best vintage eye in the business) and I’m so excited to be it’s new owner. Burnt orange screams Fall, but I’m too impatient to leave this beaut in my closet so I paired it with shorts and desert boots. Very basic outfit… let the top do all the talking.

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The smell. That is all I can say about the area under the Rudee Inlet Bridge. Ewwww.

I promise to post some other things soon! We have a few projects in the works: outside bar, wall planters, and Keller’s toddler room.

– Kristen

Top: Vintage / Shorts: Similar / Shoes: American Eagle (I can’t find them anymore, but I am dying for these American Eagle Chukkas and Sandals)

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