Weekend Recap: Virginia Beach

I keep having awesome weekends and I know I’m bound to have a rainy, sucky one with a mean toddler soon.

photo 4

We took Keller on a dolphin boat tour with Alex’s family and cruised around the Chesapeake Bay. The water was very choppy so the boat ride was pretty fun and very windy (thank god no one got sea sick). We spotted a few dolphins and got a ton of great pictures. These pictures are just from my cell phone though.

photo 2

Friday night we had some friends over to eat, drink, and create an awesome calk mural.

photo 1

photo 2

photo 3

I also managed to squeeze in a little girls night (27 hurts so much the next day).

photo 4

Sunday we celebrated our friend Rhett’s 1st birthday (his party was way cooler than mine). Keller got to make a feather head dress (but he really just wanted to get glue on everything) and play in the teepee with his new friends. He is also going through a flashing stage… so excuse the belly shot.



This weekend brought waves so Alex got to get some surfing in while Keller and I explored the beach. It was a great time to break out the old Polaroid!

photo 6

photo 5

I totally have the Monday Mopes (I just made that up) but these pictures remind me how good I have it and how much I love Virginia Beach.

Hope everyone else had a great weekend!



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