Hawaiian Vintage Skirt-Dress

I’m back from a “blogcation” and I’m so excited to share some new outfits I’ve been playing around with. Vintage, Mixed Print, Americana… it doesn’t get anymore “Kristen” than that! I was instantly drawn to this vintage skirt because of the bold Hawaiian pattern. The skirt came with a matching shirt (that tied at the neck) but I can’t find it anywhere (insert balling eyes out emoji) so I’m making the most with just the skirt. I decided to pair the skirt with this Gap button-up that I bought one size too big. I have a thing about button ups; I want them to be loose and comfy and almost feel a little messy. I decided to wear red polka dot flats (instead of my normal red wedges) because I’ve pretty much worn those wedges out and I’m already taking it to the point of being “busy” might as well keep it going.







I try every skirt as a dress because you never know, sometimes it turns out awesome! Without the button-up the outfit needed something (other then worn out chucks) and I thought this necklace that Alex got me for my birthday matched the nautical feel and looked good with the “strapless” neckline.







If you haven’t already, run to your closet and try all your skirts as dress or tops… there is bound to be a 2-in-1!


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Skirt: Vintage / Shirt: Gap / Sandals: Forever 21 / Shoes: Converse / Necklace: The Fashion Bandits


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