Stylized: Potting Station

As many of you know, Alex and I have been working hard this Spring/Summer to keep things alive. Our mainly potted garden is doing pretty good (with the help from our gardening wizard neighbor)  but in the process we’ve collected stufffff. While out thrifting, I found this metal bookcase on sale ($10) and thought it would make a cute potting station. It was kind of ugly, so I spruced it up with a coat of leftover paint and exchanged the glass shelves for wood (just like I did with the Ikea hack). We coated the shelves with polyurethane because it will stay outside; once that was dry it was time to organize!









  • Top Shelf: Keller’s flower from Home Depot Kids Day and a couple citronella candles for bug repellent
  • 2nd Shelf: Container for sidewalk chalk (everthing/everyone is covered in chalk around here) and a new aloe plant we’re working on
  • 3rd Shelf: Chives in the metal planter and Keller’s water-can that he refuses to use because he wants the hose (#toddlerdrama)
  • 4th Shelf: Leftover birdseed from a previous project jarred in old jelly and spaghetti jars
  • Bottom Shelf: Morning glory (it’s the vine for my black thumbs), leftover planters, and all of the gardening tools.


I’m pretty happy with how it turned out. I plan on also using it as an outdoor bar when we have friends over but for the normal days, it’s our little potting station. And we’ve officially turned into the oldest twenty-somethings.


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