Black and White + Red Vans

The day I dyed my hair platinum blonde, is the day I realized I would totally be cool with a full black and white wardrobe. It’s funny how your hair changes how you feel and shop and for some reason blonde makes me gravitate towards black and white. I have some really cool black and white pieces in my closet and wanted to show them off, so I decided to do a mini series featuring all things black and white… and in this post, red high-top Vans!


This skirt is Peter Pilotto for Target and I nearly died with I saw Alexa Chung rocking it… MUST HAVE! When I bought the skirt it was winter so I wore it with sweaters and boots, but now that it’s hot… croppppp it.






Mixing prints it my jam and I’m confident I’ve caused a couple seizures and headaches at work with my patterned outfits (even a few “what the…”).




I bought these red high-top Vans four years ago in Chicago before a Cubs game. I’m a Vans girl through and through so I love having these in my  collection because they’re like BAM in your face. They make me want to do ballet in the parking lot while stomping through puddles… so I did.






Hope you thought this outfit was rad. Follow for more, I still have two different black and white looks headed your way!


Top: Forever 21 / Skirt: Target / Shoes: Vans / Necklace: Urban Outfiters

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