Baby Number Two: Mike Wazowski

We have reached the moment that all couples with a toddler reach. The big decision, the topic of conversation that everyone from family to strangers have with us: when are you having baby number 2?

Black Dots

Every time I log on Facebook or scroll through Instagram there are new creative ways announcing pregnancies. Alex and I have felt a little itch but every time we do something comes up… I can’t be pregnant yet, I have Megan and Mishler’s bachorlette parties or you can’t be pregnant during football season again! We thought about “scratching” that itch and buying a dog, this way we can practice juggling Keller and another living thing. I started looking at a couple non-stinky breeds and talked to Keller about picking a name.

Keller Approved Dog Names:

  1. Buzz
  2. Jessie
  3. Woody

but then I remembered how much work it is owning a dog (more work then a baby) and I remembered what happened when I brought home an animal and promised to take care of it, my mom took care of it… the dog is a no go.

So now back to the idea of a baby. You may think this sounds soooo selfish, and you are 100% correct. We are being very selfish with our lives right now. Keller goes to an awesome daycare and plays soccer, Alex can go surfing and to all the Phish shows he wants, and I can go shopping and blog whenever I feel like it. I’m not saying baby number 2 will not happen and who knows, I’ll probably get pregnant once I hit the “Publish” button for this post (no I wont) but right now we want to give all our attention to Keller and ourselves.

Black Dots 2

So please, for the love of God, random women across the Hampton Roads area… stop asking when we’re going to have another baby. Right now the answer is: when Keller can come up with a name that is not in a Pixar movie.

– Kristen

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