Little Black Dress x 2

Last year our friends Jay and Christina decided to throw a New Year’s Eve party so I had to go out and find a sassy outfit for 2014. I picked up this one shoulder black dress, wore it for the night, loved every minute of it, and never wore it again. I noticed it balled up in the corner of my closet (that’s why I can’t have anything nice) and decided to find a new (and more casual) way to wear this party dress.1

Option 1: Add a Sweater

The dress is very fitted so adding the sweater just gives you some breathing room. I thought this graphic sweater was a good fit, it keeps it sassy without looking to much like a “going out” outfit. I decided to pull out the old over-the-knee Pretty Women boots and cover up some leg. And you can’t not wear these boots without dropping some movie quotes: “Big mistake. Big. Huge. I have to go shopping now.”35717131912

Option 2: Add a Skirt

What I love about the original dress is the one shoulder (bonus it’s a long-sleeve) so adding a skirt with volume still shows off the cut, but changes the look. This feels way more casual and easy (add a jean jacket and you’re running errands).  3225 This face reads: little does Alex know, I’m about to buy some green tartan Converse to match this scarf… SCORE 272334353637I really like doing this “Wear x 2” post so I’m thinking about doing more. I love trying to find new ways to wear my clothes and hopefully it inspired you to not ball up your clothes and tuck them deep in your closet.

Let me know what you think!

Love Kristen

Sweater: Old (Inspiration) / Boots: Nine West (Similar) / Skirt: Old Navy

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