Zombie Makeup Tutorial

My sister-in-law takes Halloween seriously and has spent countless hours researching and perfecting  zombie makeup techniques. I’m always so impressed by how creative her costumes turn out and every year her zombie makeup gets better and better. I asked Megan to come over one day and show me an easy “flesh wound” that anyone can recreate.

So here is what you need:

  • Toilet Paper
  • Elmer’s Glue
  • Light Foundation (or concealer)
  • White or Grey Face Cream (Zombie Horror Flesh)
  • Dark Purple and Black Face Makeup (for contouring)
  • Red Face Makeup
  • *Optional Fake Blood

1Before the zombie transformation:2So lets get this wound started! Gentle pull apart a piece of toilet paper and tear the paper into a variety of pieces.45Using your finger tips, dab a light coat of glue where you want the wound. Once the glue is tacky (doesn’t take long) apply the small pieces of tissue. The tissues do not need to be flat, but they need to cover the glue. Once the tissues are in place, add a second coat to create a smooth edge around the “wound”. You can allow the glue to air dry or use a blow dryer to speed up the process.678Once your “wound” is set, you are ready for the face makeup. Megan started off with applying face primer so the foundation will stay put all night. She then mixed light foundation with white face paint and Zombie Horror Flesh (feel free to leave out the grey makeup for a more subtle base). Brush the mixture on your face and the over the “wound” until you have a nice even color.

910Now time for the fun part… contouring! Using a dark purple face paint, harshly contour your cheeks, nose, around your eyes, jawline, neck, forehead, and collarbone. Think Kim Kardashian contour technique on steroids. Blend in the direction of the area you want to appear sunken in. Be careful to not blend into the areas you want to remain light in color, like your bones.  Anything that has a crease or shadow emphasize it. You want to look emaciated. 121314Follow with black face paint to further deepen most of the areas.151617And now the wound… find the middle of your “flesh wound” and pull apart the harden tissue paper. Pull the paper back until you have a nice open hole.18Sploch (that’s not a word but you know what I mean) red and black face paint in the hole (this does not need to be a precise application). Roughly apply color around your lips and drag some color onto your chin to create a blood affect. This is probably were the fake blood comes in if you are wanting to take it to the next level.1920And here is after:21Gahhh I love it and she still looks gorgeous even as a zombie! I can’t wait to see how her zombie mermaid costume turns out this year. Hope you loved this tutorial and thanks again Megan for showing me how to step my Halloween game up!

Love you!



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