Latest Obsession: Thigh-High Socks

High waisted shorts and over the knee socks… need I say more?


Okay, I’ll say more now… so I ordered these thigh-high socks off American Apparel and I’m about to order them in every color. Holy comfortable! I normally wear them with a dress or skirt, but I figured there’s only a couple more weeks left before I pack up my shorts so let’s give it the old college try (I’m obsessed with that saying right now so if I’m using it in the wrong context, whateves).

DSC_2773 DSC_2780 DSC_2782 DSC_2787 DSC_2788 DSC_2790

Told you I would recreate that picture… only I look like a goof!

DSC_2803 DSC_2816

So in an ideal “Kristen’s world” we would have Christmas and then Summer and I will wear these socks during both… even Summer… somehow.


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