Toddler Gift Guide

Keller’s birthday is exactly one week before Christmas so you can imagine what a disaster our house is come January. I try to encourage people to buy things like “gym bucks” for Little Gym, passes to the zoo, tickets to the aquarium… hint hint.keller fishBut I totally understand why people want to buy actual gifts, gift cards are not fun for a three-year-old. Recently, Keller and I walked through the toy store and he picked out a couple things and I saw a couple things that would make awesome gifts for any toddler.

1. Crocodile Creek Floor Puzzles: I love anything that comes in a box and can be stored in a box. Keller just loves puzzles and these are awesome because they are huge (never loose the pieces again)!


2. Rock-a-bye Baby MP3: If you haven’t heard these yet, check out this YouTube of Love the Way You Lie and fall in love. They have a ton of other artist to chose from if Eminem doesn’t do it for you (some on vinyl).


3. Play-Doh: Who doesn’t love Play-Doh? Now that Keller doesn’t try to eat it, it’s a go in our house!

15126583_Alt014. Warm Weather Clothes: I love this little Narwhal Tee from Zen Threads. You can find so many creative screen printed tees for toddlers on Etsy, just have to be willing to search.

kellert5. Melissa and Doug Easel: I’m not sure if this is one of those “I’ll regret” presents, but Keller loves painting and coloring so it would be nice to have a space for that (my attempt to save our carpet/table).


6. VTech Go! Go! Smart Wheels: Wooden toys ha… not in this house. Although they are adorable and environmentally friendly, they are lame. Keller wants the plastic colorful stuff that makes as much noise as possible.

go go smart wheels7. Melissa and Doug Costumes: Dress up clothes for boys!

pTRU1-6477824dt8. Magna Mix Letters: This is one of those toys that Keller didn’t notice but I know he would love it. It would be great to have for car rides, grocery shopping… doing anything in public really.

magna mix

9. Vans: Not sure if these even need an explanation.. fleece lined = cool kid snow boots.

W9WEVH-HERO10. Pllllleeeeeassssseeeeee Alex????


Hopefully this post helps all those buying for little people this season. If anything, it has inspired me to go shopping!



  1. Hi Kristin, I just wanted to say i’m glad to see that MagnaMix letters made your list, I think it’s a truly unique and outstanding toy (tho I must admit i’m a bit biased since I’m the inventor .-) There’s also another mosaics version sold at that I think is pretty cool & fun, so if you get a chance check it out. Happy holidays to you and your family!


    1. Hi Brandy!
      Thanks for checking out my blog and leaving some love. It must be so amazing seeing your product in stores and receiving positive feedback from parents. I looked at the MagnaMix Mosaic version and love the endless creative possibilities. I think you’ve struck gold with this toy! Hopefully (if Santa is paying attention) Keller will be able to test out the MagnaMix and I can write a product review for the blog 🙂 Thanks again for your feedback and I hope you have a wonderful holiday season.

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