Grom Lockers

These lockers have taken over my life for the past year. So here’s the back story: We decided to switch Keller into a toddler bed and I pulled some inspiration from Pinterest for his new big boy room. I fell in love with the idea of using lockers for toy storage but not the idea of paying for lockers, so to SketchList… I mean CraigsList I went.


I found a really nice guy out in Portsmouth selling sets of old green storage lockers for $20. After cleaning, sanding, fixing, and priming, I painted the frame and all the doors a different bold color. After it was finished, I didn’t like them, it looked too “Fisher Price” so I repainted the bottom two doors.


I hate furniture that sits on the ground and the bottom of these lockers were ugly (that is what happens when things are left outside, in the rain, in Portsmouth). So I asked Alex to build a wooden stand and attach old dresser legs that we kept from a previous project. I wanted the “unfinished wood” look because I think it looks nice against the metal.


A few more touches (mainly filling picture frames) and his room is ready! It’s taken almost a full year to finish, but I like to take my time and find all the right pieces. The full room post is coming, just gotta fill these frames!!

– Kristen

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