Our Christmas Story

Christmas With a Just Turned Three-Year-Old:

  1. Takes four hours, multiple coffees, and looks of death towards your husband when you realize he bought your kid a gallon fish tank for robot fish.
  2. Scarfing down the cookies Santa forgot to eat as your toddler is coming down the stairs… only to later realize he never noticed the cookies to begin with (ugh the Christmas calories).
  3. One-to-many near death experiences, next Christmas there will be NO ribbon.
  4. Just open the kid’s stocking; he just caught wind of Play-Doh and he’s Christmas checked out. Bye Felicia.
  5. Out of all the wonderful presents you received, wishing one was from Molly Maid cleaning service for the post Christmas apocalypse.
  6. Loving every second of it because every year Santa becomes more real… which also means hiding presents, being strategic about wrapping paper, and tricking our mini graphologist.


Hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas!

– Kristen

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