Keller’s Grom Room

I am soooo excited to finally share Keller’s Grom Room! It has been a work in progress for almost a year and all that I left to do is print pictures for the frames. I’m forewarning you, I’m going to talk a lot about all the fun things I did to create this room so be prepared for more reading then usual (or just scroll through and look at the pictures, whatever).


I bought this dresser from a thrift store for $30 and originally painted the top and front white. Once we decided to paint the walls white, I knew I had to update the dresser. Alex started sanding it and I fell in love with this weathered look. I love it so much, I’ve considered stealing it for our room!


Keller doesn’t really care for stuffed animals but before Alex’s grandmother passed away, she gave Keller this horse so we keep it tucked under his bed. Kinda feels like a little bit of her spirit is watching over Keller as he sleeps and plays.


Now this metal chair is another story: I drove by this chair sitting on the side of busy road, and I know it sounds super weird, but I pulled over (in the rain) and put chair into my car. I DID NOT STEAL THE CHAIR, just saved it from the trash. Alex originally hated this chair and had a hard time seeing its potential, but once it was painted and placed next to the wood… MAGIC.


Ever shop at the old Sprout off Laskin Road? Well if so, that is where I purchased this Melissa and Doug Kitchen for $25. They posted on Facebook that they couldn’t take the kitchen to the new location so I scooped it up, cleaned it, and with the help of Ikea, created a simple kitchen center.


I already posted about the lockers, but if you missed it click here!


Shelf Details:

  • Shelf: Ikea
  • Bronze Pineapple: Thrifted
  • Surfboard Print: Wunder Kammer
  • The Jolly Mon Book: Gifted
  • Air Plant: Home Depot (surprisingly)
  • Mint Hexagon: Thrifted
  • Wooden Carving: Jamaica


EEKKK! I’m so obsessed I can’t stop looking at it. If you are curious about where I got a particular item let me know. Unfortunately (but fortunately for us) a lot of things were thrifted, found Target clearance, or Ikea. Now on to the next room.


Shot by: ME

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