Green Thumb

OH winter, how you hurt my little beach heart. I’m trying to combat the winter blues by loading up on kill proof greenery. My grandma gave me this little Jade plant and I’ve been doing some research on propagating her (which is a fancy term for cut some off and grow more). So here is my first attempt at growing Jade from a cutting and a leaf.

DSC_3425DSC_3429 DSC_3428 DSC_3433 DSC_3451 DSC_3457 DSC_3453 DSC_3455 DSC_3461DSC_3443

Apparently it can take a while to see new growth and hopefully by the time Spring comes (hurry please!) we will have two new baby Jades.

– Kristen

PS: I shot all these pictures! I’m finally trying my hand at this camera thing.

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