Winter Light and a Vintage Top

I love how clothing makes you feel inspired or reminds you of certain places. This top is romantic, dainty, and prarie like so it was my mission to find somewhere in VB that “felt” like this shirt. DSC_3632 DSC_3633 DSC_3636 DSC_3639 DSC_3643 DSC_3647 DSC_3648 Vintage can be tough for a lot of people. I feel like there are two mind sets: someone else’s body has touched this or this is a one-of-a-kind. I chose the later (because if not, I would wonder who that person was and make up entire stories for the original owner of my shirt). DSC_3655 DSC_3658 DSC_3660 DSC_3662 DSC_3663 DSC_3668 DSC_3669 DSC_3670 DSC_3675 DSC_3681 Can’t wait to share more vintage treasures I’ve been collecting. -Kristen Photo Cred: Alex Moring


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