C’est La Vie

I think we’ve finally seen the last of our snow days and after months of complaining about the cold, I think I’m going to miss it. So for my last winter style post I wanted to wear my favorite purchase from this season: Anthropolgie Serif Cord Legging Jeans. I am not lying when I say these are the most comfortable pants I’ve ever owned. I feel like I could do yoga in them, take a nap, go to work, pretty much anything and they don’t stretch out! Having an Anthro so close is a blessing [my husband would say a curse] and they are always coming out with different prints and colors for these pants… I might start a collection.

DSC_4663 DSC_4665 DSC_4668 DSC_4670 DSC_4714 DSC_4716DSC_4674 DSC_4677 DSC_4684 DSC_4687 DSC_4689 DSC_4691 DSC_4694 DSC_4707 DSC_4712 DSC_4713DSC_4706

Sweater: Forever 21 (Similar Options) / Pants: Anthropolgie / Boots: American Eagle

– Kristen

Shot by: Alex Moring

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