All About That Hair

Next week I have an appointment to get my hair done and if you haven’t noticed in my recent style post, I can no longer pretend… my ombre is really just grown out roots. I have been a steady blonde for over a year and with Summer around the corner it seems only natural to keep it going. I’m very picky about my blonde, I want ashy/white NO WARM tones [that’s why I can only see my girl Jenna for color, she just gets me] like these:

blonde hair


I have one problem though… I am loving these ideas, I am hating the upkeep. When my hair was beached, I had to get my roots done every four weeks and that can get expensive. Sooo, I have also been playing around with the idea of going brown, like this color:


I’m still letting the length grow, but I definitely want to give the blunt bangs another try. Maybe like these:

312f5c7faeebc1aa23f5fc80b798e7dc 9f5c795af9936dfa0e63d3ab8068d56a

Decisions, decisions… and knowing me I’ll see an Emma Stone picture the day of the appointment and come out a redhead.

Help me. What’s your favorite?


You can find Image Sources here and check out the rest of my boards.

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