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If you follow me on Facebook or Instagram you may have seen my recent post where I announced the sex of our baby. Originally we were not supposed to find out the baby’s sex until July 30th and I was planning an obnoxiously cute Pinterest worthy announcement, and then life happened… the sucky kind of life.

Three weeks ago my father-in-law, Scott, was diagnosed with brain cancer, a glioblastoma. He endured a nine hour brain surgery and to our relief, was able to speak once his breathing tube was removed. During those first couple of days we lived in multiple waiting rooms and survived off vending machines. During those first couple of days we cried… a lot.

Days after his surgery, one of my best friends was getting married in West Virginia and I decided to make the trip up to be apart of her big day. About 45 minutes into the drive I was mentally exhausted [still in a haze] and I got into a minor, but expensive, car accident. My doctor wanted to see me for an ultrasound to check the baby and during it, she told us she knew the the gender.

Alex and I wanted to know the baby’s gender but it felt weird to find out with everything else going on so the technician put it in an envelope. It doesn’t sound right and I hate saying it out loud, but finding out the gender didn’t feel important in that moment. It felt weird to be happy about something at a time when everything was sad. So the envelope waited in my purse while doctors came in, oncologist introduced themselves, physical therapy plans were established, and frequent but quick moments with Scott occurred.

Eventually Alex forced me to leave the hospital, apparently pregnant women should rest and eat something other then chips and pop-tarts. So in an ICU hallway in Virginia Beach General Hospital we decided we needed happy. It wasn’t Pinterest worthy, there was no photographer around the corner… it was just me, my husband and a blurry ultrasound picture that read: IM A BOY.

My father-in-law is recovering well and going home this week. Soon he will start the next step of his treatment, chemotherapy and radiation. It’s been very difficult staying in the present and not thinking about the future. Keller and his Papa share something special; they’re water men, both very stubborn, and they have a strong love for the people around them. I’m sure those same characteristics will remain true in the baby boy [those Moring genes are strong].


This has been the hardest thing we’ve had to face as a family and even though it’s the sucky kind of life, we still have so many things to be happy about and look forward too.

Thank you for all the kind words, support, and prayers sent our direction. We really appreciate every ounce of love we’ve received from family, friends, and even people we don’t know. It has not gone unnoticed.

– Kristen

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  1. This is beautiful, Kristen. As you say, you have to find happiness and the blessings in every situation. You have a strong family; one to be admired. The love and strength you all share will get you through. Love to all of you.

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