Baby Bowen Nursery Inspriation

Operation Make Room for Baby Bowen is in full effect and I’m very happy about two things: bigger closet for me and no painting required for the nursery. First step is moving our stuff to the downstairs master which is a process. The downstairs room has been used as the “man cave” for the past three years and collected more concert tickets, guitars, and crap then I would like to admit. Step two is the fun part, Bowen’s light woodland theme room with touches of bear.


Bowen’s room is already painted light blue and I want to keep it light and airy but incorporate some playful accents of orange and navy blue. I’m going to use as much furniture from Keller’s nursery and some I’ve collected over the past couple years.


Of course I will add a ton of cute handmade Etsy goodies like this gorgeous wooden mobile from The Red Bird Shop and the Baby Bear pennant from Strawberry Moth. Poor kid should have some of his own stuff.

mobileBaby Bear

But I will definitely be making a pitstop at Ikea this week to pick up some small things: furniture legs, baby toys, plant stands, and any other random things that catch my eye. I’m also going to try a couple Ikea hacks to an old LACK bookcase and reuse Keller’s RIBBA book ledge.


I can’t wait to share the final pictures of the babes nursery, hoping it all turns out how I envision. Now I just gotta stop watching this Gossip Girl marathon and start!!


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