20 Weeks: Ohh We’re Half Way There!

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Outfit: Top: H&M / Pants: A Pea in the Pod / Sandals: Old Navy (Sold Out) Similar

How far along: 20 weeks and have a banana or a small cantaloupe! Baby should be about 10.5 ounces and 6.5 inches head to rump and growing like crazy. He can hear our voices and he hiccups (which is my favorite thing to feel). His kicks and swooshes are getting stronger and soon Alex and Keller will be able to feel him!

Due date: December 17, 2015… a day before Keller’s 4th birthday. Keller came 2 weeks early and fast, so when we get closer, little boys due date may change.

Maternity clothes: Baby boy has moved to the front of my abdomen making me look for real pregnant. Pre-pregnancy I was against getting maternity clothes, “you only wear it for a couple months” was my thought process. Now that I’m actually pregnant my views have changed. I’m going to buy maternity clothes (including clothes that I only wear a couple months) because they fit better, they’re cute, and so much more comfortable… it’s already uncomfortable enough caring around a cantaloupe.

Sleep: I found my Snoogle aka my boyfriend! And with that, I’ve been sleeping really good and only wake up to eat.

Food cravings: No more morning sickness means I’m back to eating and lately it feels like I’m eating everything. Things I currently crave: Pepperoni Pizza Hot Pockets, peaches, and Frosted Flakes.

Symptoms: Occasionally I have round ligament pain but lately I’ve experienced a lot of lower back/hip pain. I can even hear my joints popping while I walk. I have done a little research and I’m trying heat/ice, swimming, and prenatal massages. I’m not complaining about the pain and I read that this is normal, but I don’t remember having this much pain with Keller (maybe a second pregnancy thing?).

Best Moment: Picking a name: Bowen and finally starting his nursery!

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