Preggo Crop Top

Lately I look like I ate a basketball (and pretty much feel the same way) so my entire wardrobe is one black cotton dress. This would be acceptable to wear all summer long, but sadly summer is ending, and I have to wear “real clothes” soon. So I decided to play around with my non-maternity clothes to see what I could come up with. *Side note, who expected the crop top to last this long? Certainly not me! Thank you Taylor Swift for keeping it going and thank you Kristin Cavallari and other celebrities for wearing one while pregnant.

DSC_8174 DSC_8177 DSC_8179 DSC_8178 DSC_8180 DSC_8181 DSC_8208 DSC_8209 DSC_8225 DSC_8224

The face I make when Alex says “can you just smile and show your teeth for one” ULTIMATE CHEESE.

Most of what I’m wearing is older (expect the skirt, which I found at Gap, but can’t find online or I would link it) but everything is pretty basic. Current make up situation: mascara. Current hair situation: grossness.


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