Letter to Bo: 25 Week Update

Dear Bo,

Hey there sweet boy! So much has changed in the recent weeks and everyday I find myself saying  “I can’t wait to snuggle you up!” (but you need A LOT more time to grow, so stay put). You’ve been treating me very good, lots of rolling and pushing, and everyone has felt your little flips. Your brother loves feeling your “ninja” moves and he is very busy testing out all your toys.


You are making your presences known Bowen and people are taking notice. There has been some unwanted belly touching and the questions that all pregnant women hate. I have been lathering up on coconut oil and I can’t wait to use some for your baby massages. We will smell like a vacation to the Bahamas all winter long!

DSC_8232 DSC_8235

I know this bump is a sign you are growing, but sometimes I have a hard time finding something to wear and feeling good about it. I’m adjusting to this “new” body and occasionally will have a brief meltdown when I start thinking about getting back in shape once you’re here. We registered for a new jogging stroller and I hope you’re ready to be my roll dog (haha pun intended) because bundled up workout sessions are in your future little man.

DSC_8240 DSC_8248

I feel like everyone keeps trying to scare me about having two boys (it’s probably just my overly sensitive pregnant self) but I keep hearing how crazy it’s going to be with two boys. But for some reason I just have this feeling that you are going to be so different from your brother. I just know you’re going to be so gentle and lovey, you’re going to have your dads personality.


People always want to know what I’m most excited about and my answer is seeing you and your brother together. The bond you will build, the hobbies you will share, the fights you will have, BROTHER stuff. I can’t wait to be surrounded by my two beautiful boys and remain queen of the castle.

So keep growing my Bowen bear, this is going by faster then expected!


  1. So did you get your jogging stroller yet? I see you posted about registering for it, I figure you would have posted pictures once you got it, but haven’t read about it yet?!

    1. We did! I found it on Amazon in the Navy Blue (to match everything else) and I’m really excited about it. So far I’ve taken it on a couple test drives through the neighborhood but you should see the looks I get pushing around an empty stroller… haha! I’ll definitely write an update once I can test it with the babe.

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