Part 1: Parenting Wins

I’m going to start out with a disclaimer: I am in no way an expert on understanding toddlers, children, or humans in general and most likely, as you’re reading this, my child is laying on the floor of a BP crying over zebra cakes. But recently Alex and I have made some changes in our parenting and we have noticed positive changes; there’s been a lot of high-fiving and super corny comments like “I’ve got 99 problems but bedtime ain’t one.”


Our first major issue we tackled was establishing a solid bedtime routine that benefited Keller. We are active people who enjoy time with friends and our various hobbies, but these late nights were effecting everyone’s sleep and creating chaos. After one-too-many kicks to the head, Alex about lost it, and we decided for one month we would both be home by 8pm to establish a legit bedtime routine. Honestly it was not bad at all, the first three nights he cried for about 15 minutes before falling asleep. Now he doesn’t cry at all and we all get a good nights sleep [which we are sucking up every second before Bowen arrives].


Part of his bedtime routine is reading books and after a solid month, Keller had all his books memorized. So our next parenting win was starting a weekend tradition of visiting the library. We go and play with the puzzles and pick out five new books for the week. This new tradition lets Keller have quiet playtime, an opinion, and provides opportunity to practice basic library skills [checking out books, shoving as many as possible into the return box…].


All these moments with Keller are so important to us and we’re trying to make the most of his last couple months as an only child. Bowen is due the day after Keller’s birthday [which also happens to be a week before Christmas] so this year we decided to celebrate his birthday in August. He had his own special Avenger party with his friends and all the attention was on him. We want to continue giving him some individual attention once the babe arrives with Mommy date nights and Daddy surfing trips.

DSC_8451 DSC_8457

These few changes have had positive impacts for our family, but again, we still face many meltdowns and fallouts:


Along with parenting wins comes parenting fails, and trust, there’s another post coming with things we’re currently struggling with. You know, like when your threenager knocks down the Starbucks display at Target… yup, I’ve lived that. Just gotta remember the good moments and keep the high fives flying.

– Kristen

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