Hello Third Trimester

We made to the third trimester and with the season change, the end seems so close!DSC_8577DSC_8574DSC_8580DSC_8597DSC_8598DSC_8603DSC_8605DSC_8608DSC_8615DSC_8612DSC_8609

How far along: I am between 28 and 29 weeks and Bowen should be bigger then a cauliflower. He is hiccuping and wiggling around into positions that are a bit uncomfortable.

Due date: My due date hasn’t changed, but I have started experiencing some Braxton Hicks contractions that stop me in my tracks. My doctors said they will be checking me early and I’m hoping it all times out well with Thanksgiving Break [I don’t want to be teaching when I go into labor… traumatizing].

Maternity clothes: All day, everyday. Pants are starting to feel like torture devices so I mainly wear dresses. I’m always hot, so even though it’s officially Fall, sweaters and leggings do not sound good right now.

Sleep: Still sleeping pretty good but waking up super early. Bowen is most active as soon as I lay down and this morning I could feel his foot rubbing across my belly… so weird!

Food cravings: I’ve started craving sweets but nothing in particular. After I eat, I always feel like my food is just chilling in my throat [reflux sucks], so I’m trying to control myself.

Symptoms: Getting comfortable and keeping up with a toddler has become difficult. The basketball belly makes it difficult to pick up Lego booby traps and search under the bed for Hulk.

Best Moment: Alex driving me around Virginia Beach in search of bread pudding. After one failed attempt in Pungo, we ended up at Tautogs and had to wait an hour… totally worth it!


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