Happy Halloween

Happy Halloween! 

This was possibly the last holiday for Keller as an only child and the first holiday that he really understood. If you follow me on Instagram, you knew Keller was going to be Captain America over a month ago. The original costume came with a plastic face mask that he did not like, so we decided for trick-or-treating, we would paint his mask on. Luckily Alex’s sister Megan is really good at face painting so she helped us out.

DSC_9968 DSC_9962

And at the end of every step, Keller had to check himself out in the mirror [my child].


And then there was Alex trying to scare Keller…DSC_9983DSC_0010 DSC_0015…good try Daddy!

DSC_0041 DSC_9989

Keller had a hard time following the order of what to say: “trick-or-treat,” get candy, “thank you.” Sometimes he threw in a “Happy Halloween” and almost every time he was yelling it at people.


After about one hour and three streets, we had a full bag of candy and headed home. Keller had a couple pieces of candy last night and woke us up this morning with a Snickers bar to the face.

Hope everyone had a great Halloween! Next up Thanksgiving… and then A BABY!


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