Christmas Ornament 

Every year I pick out an ornament for Keller [and now Bowen] that reminds me of something about them or the year we experienced. It’s not the most unique holiday tradition, but it’s one of my favorites! Trying to find the perfect ornament to match with each boy has become something I start thinking about in September. Here is what we have so far:

  • 2012: Pickle: Keller has gone through a plethora of nicknames since he’s been born, starting with Sweet Pickle. Only one name has stood the test of time [Keller Bug aka Buggy… there’s even a nickname for his nickname].
  • 2013: Mickey Mouse: The year of the Mickey Mouse obsession. I may never eat a hotdog again in fear of having to hear about the hotdog dance for weeks.
  • 2014: Black Cat: Our first attempt at taking care of a human and an animal. It’s a touchy subject… moving on.
  • Keller 2015: Ironman: We are now into super heroes, turning people into ice, and activating “cheetah power” [which really means Keller running through the house naked].
  • Bowen 2015: Bowen’s first ornament will reflect his nickname: Little Bowen Bear. I started using this hashtag on Instagram to collect all his pictures and now it’s his thing.


I know this tradition is really for me at this point in the boy’s life. You should’ve seen my attempt at a sentimental moment with Keller while decorating the tree: he took all the ornaments down and told me he wanted to pass them out at the Virginia Tech/UVA football game.

This tradition is something I really love doing and soon Keller will be old enough to understand how each ornament holds a story about of his life. And hopefully when that time comes, he will not want to give away our things to drunken college students.


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