Bowen James

And then he was here.

I would be completely lying if I said the days leading up to December 8th were “fine.” I was far from fine and had the swollen feet to prove it. The combination of contractions in my back and trying to be pleasant towards 17 year olds was deadly.

That morning I thought my water broke [very different from how it broke with Keller] and decided to go get checked out. After one failed attempt at the hospital, I was terrified to get sent home again [side note: women feeling embarrassed or ashamed for being sent home from labor and delivery is another post in itself… how ridiculous]. After being admitted, everything followed just like the first time around. I asked for pain medication but managed to dilated from 4 cm to 7 before the epidural was in place. After the epidural started kicking in I was 10 cm and in about 5 contractions we finally got to meet our beautiful boy.

In just under 3 hours there he was… 7lbs 7oz / 21 inches of everything perfect. The first thing I noticed was Bowen’s long dark hair and his sweet deposition. He calmed down pretty quickly and has been a snuggle monster ever since. Keller was able to come that night and meet his little brother, just look at how proud he is… omggggg!

Everyone is doing great and we are so happy to have this little one around just in time for Christmas. Thank you everyone for the kind words and congratulatory comments. We are definitely feeling #blessed.

Love: Kristen

P.S.: Now that I’m on maternity leave I will be able to post more frequently [probably all about my boys] but I’m so excited to be able to put some time into Staying Anchored. Yay!


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