Adventures in Nursing + Pink Blush Giveaway

Bowen is officially three weeks old and has been nursing for what seems like every minute for the past three weeks. So many people tell you how hard breastfeeding can be… they are not lying! I am definitely not an expert, but with the help of Google, a lactation consultant, and trial-by-error, I’ve figured out a couple important things about feeding the babe.


Bond aka put your phone down: I feel like most of the time Bowen is attached to me and majority of that time, he is sleep-nursing [sleeping until you try to move him, then he is suddenly ravenous]. I started using this time to check Instagram, send emails, and shop on Etsy. Then one morning I looked down and those big grey eyes were staring at me and I started crying. I experienced some major “mom guilt” because I wasn’t bonding with Bowen, I was reading status updates about Star Wars and watching makeup tutorials.

It’s not a one women show, ask for help: Only one person can feed the baby. This sounds so “DUH” but it doesn’t really sink in until it’s 3am two weeks in and you’re glaring at your husband who is actually “sleeping like a baby.” It’s okay to ask for help in other areas. There are plenty of things to do: diaper changes, keep Keller busy, make dinner… you don’t have to do it all, and more importantly, you shouldn’t.

Do what works for you: Breastfeeding is the most unnatural “natural” thing women can do. For some women and babies it just happens and for some it doesn’t. I’ve been on both sides of the coin and I have received advice from doctors, friends, even drunk people at sushi restaurants [Ohh your Aunt who lives in Montreal told you the “Chinese Finger Trap” is the best hold… coool.] Some advice is good and some is just downright weird, but I’ve learned to just do what works for me and Bowen.

The Right Clothes: The first couple days home I wore joggers and nursing tank tops. This is great for around the house and quick Target runs, but when it came time to wear “real” clothes, I was screwed. And then I found this amazing online store called Pink Blush. They have a ton of cute nursing tops and dresses [this grey top is the softest]. They also have awesome transitional pieces that I can wear while I’m getting back into my pre-preggers body [but more on that in a later post].

Since I love Pink Blush so much, I’ve teamed up with them to give away a $25 gift card to their site. The credit can be used for anything on their website: women’s line, maternity, nursing, anything! Check out my Instagram for all the details on how to enter: @kristen_hager.


High-five to all mama’s out there, nursing or not, raising these tiny creatures is no joke!


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  1. I get the glare from my wife at 3 am, I feel it burning through me while I sleep and I wake up from it. Luckily for me it’s a light burn and I get over it and pass right back out! Just like a sleeping baby

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