Swing Dress + Pink Blush

If you’ve had a baby, you probably remember those first couple weeks postpartum being awkward. If you are one of those women that leave the hospital in your old skinny jeans, then skip the rest of this and go straight to the pictures [and just know I hate you, jk… kinda]. So let’s get real here: I have lost about 20lbs since having Bowen. I shamelessly ate all the Christmas goodies [we didn’t even have cookies for Santa this year… WHOOPS] and I have been breastfeeding around the clock. So during this awkward time, I realized my closet needed some transitional pieces… insert Pink Blush.


I fell in love with this black swing dress and thought it could be the perfect NYE dress. I’m on the taller side and my legs are long [I also have freakishly long arms, making it impossible to pass the finger tip rule in high school] so this dress is at that “could wear pants or could risk it and pray for no wind” length. So I tried it both ways, and yes, there was wind giving me major Beyoncé moments and serious close calls.

Pink Blush for the win! I love this dress and I love it even more because I’ll be able to wear it long after the baby weight is gone. Check it out  here and see the other color options [NEED THE NAVY].

Don’t forget about my giveaway with Pink Blush! Find me on Instagram to get the details: @kristen_hager.

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