Bowen: 1 Month Old

I don’t know if it was the holidays, having two boys, or just life in general, but these past 4 weeks have flown by. With our crazy Christmas schedule finished and Keller back at daycare, it feels like Bowen is just now getting some real chill time with mommy.

So far Bowen is a pretty easy baby and gives obvious cues to what he needs when he does get upset. He is also very tolerant of his big brother being all up in his face. I probably have said “not in his face” 30,000 times, but it’s hard to be mad at Keller for loving his brother.


Health: We feel lucky to say Bowen is a healthy strong boy who surpassed his birth weight in 4 days [yaaa… more on that later]. His boy band hair has thinned out and it looks like it’s starting to lighten up. He still has two blocked tear ducts that drive me nuts and I am constantly cleaning his eyes. The doctor says they will open, but they give it A YEAR before they do anything! This poor kid will hate me in a year if that’s the case.

Feeding: This is Bowen’s area of expertise. We’ve nursed exclusively for 1 month and I’ve been able to pump so much on the side, we had to buy a deep freezer. I am happy nursing is going good, but it is hard to keep up! Eating 1800 healthy calories, drinking water consistently [what I suck most at], and timing the day out in 2 hour increments is hard for me.


Sleeping: When he’s not eating, Bowen is catching flys hard. He likes to be up with his head on my chest. He has been known to have a 4 hour stretch, but during the day it’s 2 hour cat Like I said early, Keller is obsessed with his baby brother and loves showing him off to people. He wants to help me carry his car seat, change diapers, and give him toys. When Bowen cries Keller always ask “what going on in there” and checks on him. It’s pretty adorable.

I love how easily this boy has fit into our family and I’m so excited for two more months of uninterrupted baby snuggles!

I’m just gonna leave this right here: family-258

Thanks Zoe Grant for these amazing pictures!

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