Stay at Home Mom… am I doing this right?

Last night I asked Alex if he thought I sucked at being a stay-at-home mom… Of course he said no as he folded the laundry I planned on doing.

I’m only home until March and then it’s back to work I go. I don’t know if it’s the school schedule that’s ingrained in me, but I started looking for a “stay-at-home mom schedule” because I’m not exactly sure what I’m doing. This sounds so stupid [even as I’m typing it, I’m face palming] but I feel like I have all this time and then I look at the clock and it’s 4pm… WTF? Where has the day gone? So I’m creating the ULTIMATE KRISTEN STOP WATCHING KEEPING UP WITH THE KARDASHIANS RERUNS AND DO SOMETHING… TO DO LIST.

1. Bowen… Obviously nursing the baby and keeping him happy is top priority. My days revolve around his needs and sometimes he needs to cuddle and watch bad reality tv.


2. Eat/Cook… Eating clean feels sooo good and I am weirdly obsessed with keeping track of what I eat. Being home has given me the chance to practice cooking. Just tonight I Googled how to bake chicken [haha] and I made it perfectly!

3. Clean… So I like to clean like I eat, in sections, which means I have to pick one room to focus on and fully clean it [and I’m dreading the day it’s Keller’s room]. My problem here is I get easily sidetracked. So while putting my clothes away, I’ll find a forgotten shirt and try it on, then I’ll start putting together outfits then… she gone.


4. Workout… I don’t assign a time to workout [again the baby dictates my schedule] but I read a great tip that said when you wake up, put on workout clothes. That way at any point during the day you have free time, you are ready to start. Since yoga pants are my favorite kind of pants, done deal.


5. Run Errands… aka get out of the house before I go on a crazy online shopping spree.

6. Hobbies… I have a bunch of different hobbies I love: blogging, photography, and hunting vintage. I want to focus some time and put energy into each of these.


And at the end of the day if I have any time left, I’ll sleep [which has yet to happen].

So to all my friends who stay at home with their babes, kudos! Hopefully I can figure it out before I have to go back to work.


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