The First Snow

This weekend we had our first snow! Most of my friends in Richmond, DC, and West Virginia are probably rolling their eyes at my previous statement. Somehow we were the ONLY city in Virginia to not get hit by Jonas, so our 1 inch [dirty] snow is barely worth mentioning. Even though it wasn’t much, it was just enough to make our 4 year old extremely happy and give everyone a 2 hour delay this morning [yes our city shuts down for 1 inch snowfall, continue the eye rolls].

Keller Bug built his own snowman, complete with Avengers hat, carrot, and berries. His favorite thing to do was beat the shit out of the snow with his pirate swords and Thor hammer. We also went for a walk to look for “snow monsters,” which gave Alex the opportunity to pelt Keller with snowballs [we take it where we can get it]. And against recommended advice, Keller had to eat a bite of snow, which ended up in him picking grass out of his mouth [karma].

Hopefully next snow storm we get a little bit more… or hopefully not.

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