YouTube Hair and Make Up

Because I’m up during the night feeding the babe, I had to come up with ways to really wake up. Normally I start with Instagram, but people aren’t really posting much between 12-4am. Now I go to YouTube and watch tutorials on everything from makeup and hair, to arranging furniture, and bee keeping.

This weekend we had a date night and I decided to try out some of these late night YouTube tricks I’ve learned. This was the outcome:

For my eyes I followed this tutorial. I didn’t use the same products, just followed her instructions. I think it turned out okay for my first attempt at such a dramatic eye [these pictures don’t do it justice]. I didn’t love the amount of makeup under my eye [I felt like Taylor Momsen post Gossip Girl] but gave it a chance for one night.

For my hair I followed this tutorial. I LOVE this hairstyle and it’s great for dry shampooed dirty hair. I really like all the braided styles that are everywhere but I suck at braiding [maybe that’s why God gave me boys] so this is a good alternative!

I talked with my friend Jenna [badass makeup/hair extordaniere] about creating our own tutorials for the blog… any suggestions of what you’d like to see?

In the meantime I’m going to go watch some segments from Last Week Tonight… on YouTube.


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