Bowen 2 Months

My little Bowen bear, where have the past two months gone? I can’t believe how big you’ve gotten and how little you cry.

Health: A few weeks ago our happy baby wasn’t so happy. We recognized his symptoms [because of Keller] and he was prescribed Zantac for reflux. Since he’s been on Zantac, he’s back to his easy-going self. Bowen is also smiling and cooing more frequently which is soooo adorable and soooo difficult to catch on camera.

Eating: Bowen is still eating 3 ounces about every 2 hours so he doesn’t overeat and spit up. I’m hoping at our next appointment we get the green light to try a little more. Oh and did I mention we are still exclusively nursing, 2 months strong! I will probably celebrate this every day/week/month until it changes.

Sleeping: He normally will take one long nap [4-5 hours] once during the night. Other then that, he is up about every 2 hours. Alex kills it in the husband category and takes the first feeding so I can keep sleeping and handle the rest of the night.

Brothers: Keller will either think these pictures are awesome or be pissed that I messed with his Avengers… it’s hard to say with a four-year-old. He continues to love on “Baby Bowen” and still needs reminders about personal space and volume control. He also started calling Bowen “Baby Finger” and if you have a child who watches creepy YouTube video’s, you know exactly what I’m talking about.

Likes: Our little daily routine and how in-tune we are with each other, our traditions [like monthly photos], and how many people comment on your hair and ask me if I put product in it [no].

Dislikes: Knowing my maternity leave is almost over and acid reflux.


Some other awesome things to happen this month [sorry if you already saw this on Insta]: Bowen was picked to brand rep Olly Oaks Moccasins and Tribe is Alive! This means I’m going to start doing some outfit post with the babes aka herding cats.


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