Bowen 3 Month Update

I now understand Darla from Finding Nemo. It’s difficult loving something so much you just want to squeeeezzzze it. This little boy is complete sunshine and makes waking up at 4am bearable [enjoyable even].


  • Physical: We try to do tummy time everyday and Bowen is almost able to hold his head up consistently. He is starting to support himself with his arms and he even rolled over once from his belly to his back [but hasn’t done it since].
  • Social: Bowen loves watching Mommy, Daddy, and Keller. He reacts to our smiles and squeaky baby talk. He is very vocal [as seen on Snapchat] and has started giggling… which sounds like a combination of Fergie and Jesus [come on, you know what that’s from].
  • Diet: 3 months strong on Mama’s milk. My supply freaked out and dropped really low for a couple days [causing complete panic] so I took a break from working out and dieting. I gotta start being easier on myself.
  • Sleeping: Not much has changed here. Bowen goes down at 8pm and wakes up between 12-1:30am for his first feeding of the night. From there it’s typically 3-4am and 6-7am.


Going back to work Monday is going to be the worst. I believe the countdown to summer break is in the 60 days territory so I just need to keep my mind on laying under the Sportsbrella with my groms.


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