Pungo Bazaar Bust

One thing I love about living in Virginia Beach is there is always something to do. The weather is taking a turn towards Spring so in blind excitement we decided to take the boys to the Pungo Bazaar. Okay so from the title you already know how this turns out…

Pungo is the country of Virginia Beach [if you look past all the new housing developments there’s a Tractor Supply]. The bazaar was held at The Tar Roof and the vendors included ContraVan, Three Ships Coffee [we’re the assholes who rolled up with Starbucks], and local artist selling jewelry, dream catchers, wooden bowls, etc. Keller desperately wanted to pick out a “necklace for Mommy” but you have to watch him because he’s going through a klepto phase.

So browsing the vendor tables didn’t go as smoothly as I would have liked, but they did have rescue owls you could take pictures with. Keller picked the big terrifying looking owl. It was this owls first time at an event and I could sense it wanted to attack Keller. All I could think was, this owl is going to mistake his fingers for sausages, do I have enough ice in my Ice Latte to keep his finger cold on our way to a hospital, he doesn’t need a full set of fingers to play soccer… this is how my brain works.

The inside of The Tar Roof was really beautiful, all white everything. Apparently they do weddings there so we checked out the Bridal Suite [did a couple silly faces] and the lighting was muy bueno! Any VB brides looking for a farm venue, this would be your spot and your photographer will love you forever.


And what was Baby Bowen doing during all this… chillen chillen. My sweet boy was just along for the ride and trying to keep up with big brother.


After an hour Keller was over it and I was over saying the same thing a hundred times. I love these type of events but a four-year-old, not so much. Lesson learned.



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