Dirty Hair Don’t Care

I am probably going to lose friends over this [actually all my friends already know] but I only wash my hair 2ish times a week. I say ish because sometimes it’s more depending on what I’m doing i.e.: super sweaty workout or a swim in the pool. But just know, I absolutely HATE washing my hair and brushing it afterwards… THE WORST. Here’s another confession, sometimes I’ll turn the shower on and just lay in bed or try on my makeup until Alex comes in and gives me this look of disappointment… I am a 5 year old child. So here is how I make it on dry shampoo and accepting friends:

Day 1: Straight: The rarest and cleanest day.

Day 2: Wavy: I normally can wear this two days: down and half up. But for the sake of not completely freaking people out, I’ll keep it at one.

Day 3: Curly: I typically curl it super tight the night before and sleep on it. At this point we’re at a 60/10 dry shampoo to hair ratio. Photobombed by Keller Bug and when did he become huge? That kid is a solid 45lbs of crazy.

Day 4: Ponytail/Braid: This day is fun because you can braid it, do pull throughs, these little blobs, a tight pony tail… so many options.

Day 5: Top Knot: At this point the dry shampoo to hair ratio is a solid 90/10 and a top knot is my only option. You maybe thinking “wow she did a top knot a lot while pregnant,” that’s because I was lazy and hated everything.

And let’s just address the question that everyone always has: yes I still shower [actually I’m a bath person] but I just pineapple my hair up while doing it. Limited washes is really awesome, just takes some time getting use to it [be prepared to buy stock in dry shampoo].



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