Moving On

Last summer we decided to start looking at houses. Bringing another person into the family made us realize how limited we are on space. Also, the layout of our house doesn’t exactly work with two small kids (two bedrooms upstairs, one downstairs nahh). Last summer we looked at a bunch of houses but there’s really only a couple neighborhoods we are interested in and of course, the houses in those neighborhoods sell before the listing can even upload. That combined with everything going on in our family, we decided to put house-hunting on the back burner… until now.

We decided to go ahead and list our house before we put an offer on another (two mortgages does not sound fun). A couple things I’ve learned this past weekend: we own a ton of useless stuff (VT yo-yo, bread machine, a hundred phone chargers, why?!) and deep cleaning your house takes daysss. My method of cleaning is easy… throw everything away. Alex has undiagnosed ADD so his life was threatened a handful of times, but other then that, we knocked it out.

Bowen’s room was easy, we haven’t even used it. Keller’s room… awful. I purged a ridiculous amount of toys and found a banana in the back of his lockers. But once his room is clean, it’s my favorite in the house (our next house will have all white walls).

Other “Must Haves” for our next  house:

  • I prefer a one story or a two story with laundry room upstairs [I am so over carrying clothes up and down the stairs]
  • Lots of windows and natural light.
  • Decent size yard for our future dog “Bodo” [Keller has already named him]. A pool would also be nice but it’s not a deal-breaker.
  • There’s about three school districts that we are cool with.
  • I either want to completely flip a house or find a house that is move in ready with what we like [there’s no middle option].

Hopefully  we will find exactly what we are looking for and can sell our house easily… timing it out just right is scary but apparently that’s totally normal. Probably the hardest part of this whole process is keeping a spotless house with Keller. I’m going to have to check those lockers daily for produce.



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