Boys Update

Normally I would say time is flying, but this month has gone by nice and slow. And with every day, my boys are getting happier and more handsome . Here is what they’re up too:

Bowen 4 Month Update:

  • Bowen has rolled from his tummy to back and from back to tummy!
  • There is lots of talking around our house. He loves squealing at his brother and gurgling [drooling] to himself.
  • He finally has enough neck strength to sit in his exersaucer and loves reaching and slapping the buttons.
  • Just like his older brother, Bowen is teething early. He is constantly putting his hands into his mouth and I wouldn’t be surprised if two pop through anyday.
  • Bowen prefers to be sitting up and watching everything that’s going on. He does great tracking things and is starting to recognize certain sounds and objects [he perks up when he hears a bottle shaking].


Keller 4 Year Update:
  • Keller is talking up a storm and using complex sentences. I love listening to him tell his crazy creative stories. He pretends so hard.
  • He can write his full name but sometimes needs help spelling his last name.
  • Keller still has a short attention span but we are working really hard on patience and waiting his turn [painfully difficult for this busy boy].
  • Riding his bike. Keller has finally mastered pedaling and loves playing outside with his friends. He even attempted his first “asking the neighbor friends to play.”
  • Keller is becoming very independent which is good… but he does get frustrated when we won’t let him use public restrooms by himself.


Love you sweet boys!


One thought on “Boys Update

  1. Kristen, my heart jumps for joy when I see these boys appear. They do look so very much alike, it’s amazing. Tell me how I can save these photos so I’m able to print off when I get some ink replacements, please. Loving all of you. Nana

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