Mother of Wildlings

DSC_3207 Hi Friends!!

I am so sorry for being the worst blogger in the world, but so much has happened since my last couple post. For starters, we sold our house in four days… yeahhhh so that sent us into full blown house hunting mode. We found one we really loved with tons of character [if you follow me on Snapchat you saw a mini tour] but after the home inspection, we decided it wasn’t for us. So we found another house that has the most insane backyard ever and we are praying they accept our offer! If they do, I will be sure to do another tour on Snap so follow along so you can see: stayinganchored.DSC_3202DSC_3206In other news, Game of Thrones season premier [hence the bomb shirt from Mommy Makes Moccs … holy crap say that ten times fast]! My three favorite moments from the first episode:

  1. Jon Snow is totally coming back
  2. I finally don’t hate Sansa
  3. Daenerys telling those Dothraki to kick rocks.

Did anyone see the shape of a dragon in the snow from Jon’s blood? Oh the GoT conspiracy theories are so strong. DSC_3203Again, excuse my absence for a bit during this crazy time. I’m going to try really hard to get some outfit post up, but in be mean time, check out Mommy Makes Moccs and grab some handmade goodness.


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