Bowen 6 Month Update

This has been a big month for baby Bo: first tooth, first haircut, and sleeping in his own room in the new house!DSC_4066Milestones:

  • Physical: We now have a man child on our hands. This past month Bowen has grown so much and has gotten so heavy! Getting him to sleep is now a workout mixed with shh-hing and squats. He is also rolling all over the place and pushing up on all fours. Next step is crawling and I may never rest again.


  • Social: Bowen is still a happy baby who smiles and buries his face into your chest when he gets excited or shy. Recently he has started squealing loudly and sounds like a baby pterodactyl. He also loves watching brother run around and cracks up whenever Keller stops [for a second] to talk to him.


  • Diet: Bowen Bear is now on formula only… Enfamil Gentlease for his reflux. He can only handle about 4oz and spits up pretty frequently [this is why all his clothes are from Carters and Old Navy because everything is covered in spit-up and drool]. He has also started solids and has liked every food we have fed him [even the peach, kale, and pear mixture].


  • Sleeping: Bowen is still going down around 8:30pm and wakes up only once during the night [about 4am] to eat. But last night he slept pretty restless and I think his teeth are bothering him. One has popped through on the bottom and I’m thinking another is on the way.


Two more weeks until summer vacation and I have so many fun things plan for the boys, the blog, and myself! Is it June 18th yet??


I have not graced the blog or Instagram in a while because for the past three weeks I have been sick with the funk and I can’t shake it. I am typing this with glasses and eye boogers because I am the only 29 year old who still gets pink eye… ughhhhh.


Bowen Romper: Carters

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