One Week Until SUMMER!

The countdown is sooo on! We have one week left of school, but since I teach Seniors [and they finish early] I have one week of cleaning my class room and online shopping. Since the weather has been in the 90’s, we’ve spent most of our time swimming in the pool. I am obsessed with all the fun pool floats and every Target trip I snag a new one. I also spend all my time outside because I’m strugggggglin’ with decorating my house. It’s the weirdest thing, I will hold a picture up and be to afraid nail it in. In two weeks I have hung one picture and today [I think] I set up the mantle. So if you’re wondering why I haven’t posted any new house pictures or updates, that’s because my anxiety about decorating is messing with me. So instead of house decorating, I’ll just float around on my bomb-pop!

And shout out to my husband who is being uber patient with me and the house. He’s not rushing me, he has helped me put things together [big things like dining chairs] and then take them back because I changed my mind, and he is handling all the “boring” house stuff like dealing with all the contractors.

DSC_4105Cheers to a billion more pool pictures coming your way!


Headband: Madd Sailor / Bathing Suit: Aerie / Sunglasses: Forever 21 (old) / Float: Target


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