Red, White, and Prints

Back at it again with the mixed prints and this vintage skirt. I’ve been trying to plan a Fourth of July outfit that’s cute, festive, and still easy enough to chase around toddlers and Alex’s drunk friends. I don’t think this is the one, but its still cute so pictures were in order.

Okay so this vintage skirt is just one piece from my little baby vintage clothing collection I started over a year ago. I opened my own Etsy shop and have sold some home decor and shoes, but I haven’t listed any clothes. I keep going back-and-forth with listing clothing because I really love the idea [hunting for the pieces, taking the pictures, making someones vintage dreams come true] but it’s really time-consuming! Maybe I can enlist some of my friends as models and knock it out one day [and to all of my friends, I know when you right-click my calls so don’t even think about it!].

Can’t do pictures without Batman sneaking in!

Thoughts on opening up my Etsy site to clothing? If anyone has experience with this, let me know what works and doesn’t!



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