Bowen 7 Months

Annnddd we are on the move!DSC_5412Milestones:

Physical: Bowen is army crawling all over this house and he has turned into our own personal dust buster. He hasn’t fully mastered crawling but he will get up on his knees and then look at me like “now what?” He also jumped from the 30th percentile to the 75th percentile in length… HOLY GROWTH SPURT.

Social: Bo is still my happy boy who loves his brother. He’s getting handsy and loves grabbing your face for a little make-out session. He is babbling and loves saying “ba-ba” which I’m convinced is his name for Keller.

Diet: We are still battling with reflux which I was hoping would be gone by now, but oh well. He takes the Zantac like a champ and is happy. Bowen eats oatmeal in the morning and a packet of veggie/fruit blended baby food in the afternoon. I recently gave him a bagel to gum on and he LOVED it.DSC_5410Sleeping: Sleeping has been a bit rough this past month. With his two bottom teeth pushing through, Bowen has been up more frequently. He is still going down around 8:30pm and then wakes up 1ish and then 4ish. What’s great is he drinks his bottle and goes right back down, easy peasy.

How cool is this boy? Ugh I just love him so much!


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