Living Room Update

Finally ready to share some pictures of the house. The first room that’s “finished” is the living room. I use the term finished loosely because there’s an entire empty wall that is getting a built in soon. We are also getting new doors next week and removing the columns… so I guess it’s not even close to done.

First thing we did was paint. There are a billion white options but we picked Sherwin Williams Snowbound and couldn’t be happier. In the corner I put my vintage rattan peacock chair. I almost gave this chair to a friend but we could never meet up [and I’m so glad we couldn’t]. It fits in the corner perfectly and hides some cable wires.

We get great lighting in this room because there are two large sliding glass doors [not pictured] so we put a few of our plant babies on the mantle, in the bookcase, and in the corner. All of the pants we pick are succulents or desert plants [they are impossible to kill and require minimal attention].


I love styling bookcases. I probably will move all of these things around a hundred times. I put some of our books on display along with plants, a vintage mirror, and our wedding cake topper.

And let’s not forget about the stuff you didn’t see… Bowen’s exersaucer , Etsy backdrop, and a pile of crap I need to take upstairs. I also had a baby following me around the room while I was shooting these pictures so by the end of this, he was over it. Annndddd I probably should’ve changed the lens so I could get some zoomed out shots, but I was too lazy to run upstairs. Ha!

Here are some of the places I got stuff:

  • Peacock Chair: Thrifted (Similar)
  • Large Square Mirror: Target
  • Coral Print: Henry Bradbury
  • Blow-fish Planter: Antropologie
  • Couch: West Elm
  • Most everything else came from Target or Home Goods, except the blue VW van, that came from one of those sketchy stores at South of the Border.


Now on to the next, the Dining Room…stay tuned!



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